People Generally, Like Happy Songs, Because……??Ed Sheeran in your living room??

People Generally, Like Happy Songs, Because……??Ed Sheeran in your living room??

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We are a planet binge-ing on happiness more than plastic- If only that was true. and think Ed Sheeran in your living room, giving an encore for a good cause is all you need?Do you really try to avoid those ska punks, who have no clue about what happiness is ?Always listening to heavy metal, to feel even more..duhhh…sad. Happy songs are mood changers…yes, it’s true!! What is there not to believe this simple theory. They bust your stress like Jim Carrey or Pharrell Williams is sitting in your living room, Oh, or maybe..like Ed Shreen singing and giving a sweet encore.

When you are not listening to music…

There are sometimes, you do not want music, because, you want maybe, football, a massage, an ice cream, or a back-to-back movie watching. In those times you are not thinking about music genres, your playlist might be swimming in dust, and then on a bright and a cosy little evening with clouds in the sky, for no reason you feel happy, and turn on the music…and what do you listen to??

Popular happy list in music

List of singers and songs that make you happy? Definately Bollywood Music!! Heyyy, there is an Indonesian Girl on the YouTube Singing Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, with no mushkil to mouth Hindi Lyrics at all, and she looks sweet, with a melodious voice. What next…? The entire universe is binge-ing on Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You versions, and all of them are oh, so interesting!! and addictive!! The Carnatic versions by the NRIs- who look like accha baccha engineers, the dancing women in their contemporary dance, the spoof by the Bart Baker.



Vaishali Adwant @ September 22, 2017